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    Single Stage Pressure Compressor:-
    The Compressor having one / two / three piston and cylinder of the same bore size are Single Stage Compressors. The function of each piston is to compress the air from the atmosphere to the final destination.Single Stage Compressors are ideal for a multitude of small business uses including Pneumatic tools, Panel spray painting, Nailers, Staplers, Blow guns, Liquid transfer, Graniting and Cleaning. It is a reliable source of low pressure air for numerous application like instrumentation, process and boiler fuel oil automization, Chemical Industries, Filteration Plant, Blow Moulding etc.

    Two Stage Air Compressors:-
    consist of two or more cylinders. The first stage, low pressure (LP) cylinder is always larger in diameter than the second stage, high pressure (HP) cylinder. The atmospheric Air enters into LP Cylinders through inlet filter & valves and passes to HP cylinder through intercooler and HP inlet valves. The Air is for higher pressure by HP cylinder and then delivered to final destination. The highly efficient intercooler provides maximum heat dissipation between stages, resulting in more Air per horse power and less trouble from carbonization.Economically priced, Paras Compressor Two Stage Value Packaged Air Compressors are perfect for automative, commercial of light industrial applications where a dependable Air supply is required. The value package includes the added features of a mounted and wired starter, automatic start / stop pressure switch control with suitable size receiver tank.

    Multi Stage High Pressure Compressor
    Multistage heavy duty air compressors are designed for high pressure operation up to 70.31 kg / cm2g (1000 psig). These compressors are used in Valve and System Testing, Diesel Engine Starting, Laboratory Test Work, Space and Aviation Industries, Air Blast Circuit Breaking, Dairy, Marine and Military Applications etc.

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