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    An Injection Molding or Machine, used for manufacturing products by the Injection process. It consists of main parts, an Injection and a Clamping Unit.

    One of the MOST EFFICIENT designs available amongst Moulding Machines incorporating Efficient sound reduced hydraulic pump is consistent with Hikon's as being the No.1 Energy efficient Injection Moulding technology amongst all hydraulics machines available to customers.Advanced INJECTION UNIT make way better then others.

    Our technology division is engaged into quality production deliver a high return your investment, long term and environmental compatibility.

    We offer Automatic mouldadjustment ensure the time cost saving during the changing. The energy saving are made of high-quality. They allow much greater to be transferred and very uniform and precision of the machine. The platens have been designed FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS for rigidity.


    • 5 - point double system
    • Mechanical and electrical safety
    • Low pressure mould protection
    • Multi-stage control of pressure,and position of mold
    • Fast mould clamping with device
    • Robust casting construction with tie bar for maximum life and best molding
    • Automatic mould height adjustment
    • Variable mode of ejector
    • Automatic central lubrication

    • Efficient and sound reduced pump
    • Hydraulic proportional control
    • Hydraulic elements by well-known , with high reliability and service
    • life
    • Oil temperature alarm

    • Two drive cylinder for injection
    • Multi - stage of pressure, speed and position
    • Multi - stage of pressure, speed and time
    • Multi - stage of speed, position and time
    • PID barrel temperature control
    • Screw Plasticizing back pressure
    • Suck back function
    • Plasticizing cold start prevention
    • Screw speed inspection
    • Self purging function
    • Efficient plasticizing device with torque motor

    • With LCD Screen
    • Mold data storage
    • Linear transducer for clamping / injection / ejection control
    • English, Spanish, Portuguese and language options

    • Special screw for PET/PC/PA/PMMA
    • Unscrew device
    • Additional core pulling
    • Air blow device
    • Shut-off nozzle
    • By-pass filter
    • Euromap-12 robot interface
    • T slot platen
    • Variable pump system
    • Servo motor system
    • Sandwich/interval injection system
    • Accumulator assisted injection system
    • Auxiliary machine (hopper dryer,loader, belt conveyer dehumidifier,temperature controller, granulator, mix, cooling tower, robot)

    Mould platens   Automatic mould height adjustment
    Mould platens have been using FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS optimum rigidity.   Automatic mould height adjustment the time and cost during the mould changing.
    energy saving hydraulics   5-point double toggle
    The energy saving hydraulics made of high-quality components.Allow much greater forces be transferred and enable uniform and precision movements the machine.   The 5-point double toggle short locking time and opening force.
    Variable pump system   Sandwich/interval injection
    Variable pump system   Sandwich/interval injection
    Controller with LCD colour screen   Accumulator assisted injection
    Controller with LCD colour   Accumulator assisted injection
    Injection Molding Machine

    Technical Parameters

    Plastic Injection Molding Machine - NS Series - Technical Parameters

    Plastic Injection Molding Machine - ES Series - Technical Parameters