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    This fully automated washing line takes compacted bales of PET bottles and turns them into clean, contaminant-free PET flakes that can be used in producing polyester staple fiber or pelletized into granules for use in manufacturing other PET products.Water-saving, power-saving, low manpower, human-based operation. Without detergent, it still gets high cleanness and completely separates different plastic materials and contaminants by specific gravity.Moisture content of material after washing machine & de-watering machine will be less than 3%.

    This is accomplished by the implementation of a series of recycling machinery. Our standard PET washing line ranges from an input capacity of 300kg/h upwards to 3,000kg/h. The output capacity is based on the amount of contamination in the PET bottles you’re recycling. While our standard PET bottle washing line is sufficient for most plants, custom setups with additional machinery and increased capacity can be designed for your specific needs.

    Please contact us for further information about custom projects. Below is a list recycling machinery used in our standard PET bottle washing line.


    Belt Conveyor
    • Small moving wheels with brake are flexible and convenient.
    • Belt material: PVC
    • Frame: Steel Q235
    • Install isolation stick against-slide on the surface of the belt.
    • Height of belt conveyor can be adjusted freely.
    • Speed adjusting: inverter, the convey speed can be adjusted to control the feeding capacity for the whole line.
    • This machine mainly used to convey the material into next process

    High Speed Friction Washer
    • Transmission bearing: Combination of self aligning bearing and thrust bearing, smooth running.
    • The part contact with the material is made of stainless steel.
    • Frame: Steel Q235
    • life
    • High-speed stirring makes the paper and sand out of through the filter net. With the function of draining dirt.

    Dewatering Machine
    • Moisture content: <3%
    • Multi - stage of pressure, speed and position
    • Multi - stage of pressure, speed and time
    • Multi - stage of speed, position and time
    • Continuously discharge the material from side and drainage from the bottom of this machine.
    • Rotary drum barrel can adjust the level of moving
    • Suck back function
    • The part contact with the material is made of stainless
    • Frame: Steel Q235

    • With LCD Screen
    • Inverter: ABB and Temperature controller: RKC
    • Electric elements: DELIXI
    • EOver-loading protective device of the motor is equipped

    • Belt Conveyor
    • Label Remover
    • Manual Selection Platform
    • Metal Detector
    • Crusher
    • Screw Feeder
    • Hot Washer or cold washer
    • High Speed Friction Washer
    • Floating Washing Tank
    • Dewatering Machine
    • Pipeline Dryer System
    • Storage
    • Blade sharpening machine


    Technical Parameters

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