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    We supply one of the best Pet & HDPE blow moulding and mould's in Nepal

    One of the MOST EFFICIENT designs available amongst Blow Moulding Machines incorporating Efficient sound reduced hydraulic pump is consistent with the No.1 Energy efficient Blow Moulding technology available to customers.Advanced INJECTION UNIT make way better then others.

    Our technology division is engaged into quality production deliver a high return your investment, long term and environmental compatibility.

    We offer Automatic mouldadjustment ensure the time cost saving during the changing. The energy saving are made of high-quality. They allow much greater to be transferred and very uniform and precision of the machine. The platens have been designed FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS for rigidity.


    • Volume from 100ML upto 5000Ml
    • Variety of machine models ranging from 1-6 Cavity of narrow to wide mouth Preforms.
    • Automatic preform infeed, heating, and blowing
    • Touch-panel interface, allowing easy operation.
    • Cost saving for increased competitiveness.
    • Highly sensitive Sensors are provided to ensure safety of the operator as well as Machine.
    • Heating temperature with compensation control
    • Fully integrated Mould Cooling system for minimum Shrinkage ensuring of accuracy in\ Bottle Volume.

    Semi Automatic Stretch Blow Moulding Machine
    • Volume From 100ml Upto 2000ml
    • Hydraulic proportional control
    • Specially designed and developed for small volume diversified production and special bottle designs. Regardless of medicine bottles, cosmetic bottles, perfume bottles, detergent bottles, baby bottles, or special design bottles, this machine can fulfill all your production needs.
    • The standard hot runner for SS10 is industry standard thermal gate type; however hot runner with valve gate type is also available for higher preform gate finishing and wider processing window. An independent blow molding system and a smart temperature control system to ensure the improved quality of the finished products.
    • In single stage process, preform injection and bottle blowing are done in one machine, as the neck is handled by the die throughout the entire process and blow molding to ensure the preforms do not come into contact with other objects during transportation, thus producing finished products with glossy, complete, and untarnished appearances. Suitable for high-priced and high quality bottle production.

    High Productivity PET Blow Molding Machine
    • 60ML-20L Max.capacity
    • The entire series is fixated on the machine to reduce machine configuration space.
    • The preform infeed system has multiple levels of protection system to ensure precise preform infeed and zero deficient products.
    • Uses continuous preform infeed system.
    • Effectively reduces heating distance, energy consumption, and increases heating efficiency.
    • Horizontal level configuration; preform does not have to be turned; simple structure
    • When replacing the lamps, the heating oven can be turned over on the machine for maintenance.
    • The water pipe directly runs through the heating oven to protect the valve.
    • Optimized ventilation system allows cooling of preform surface.
    • Preform temperature monitoring functions
    • Servo-driven clamping system with CAM synchronized base mold operation

    Variable pump system  
    Full Automatic PET Stretching Blow Molding Machine
    Controller with LCD colour screen   Accumulator assisted injection
    Jar Autoamtic Blow Moding Machine   Semi Automatic Blow Molding Machine